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I believe that Liz Wright is one of the most authentic, anointed and powerful prophetic seer intercessors on the earth today. Her entire life is saturated in the Presence of Jesus and is immersed in prayer and intercession for the Bride. This book is for all whose hearts are hungry and thirsting for encounter, the glory and reality.”

Wendy Alec – President God TV, Author of Visions from Heaven.

“Ekklesia Rising contains more than just knowledge, it is truly revolutionary revelation.”

 Shawn Bolz – Senior Pastor of Expression 58, Los Angeles, Author of Translating God.

Rhonda Hughey297

“This is a unique work and critical message for the Body of Christ today.”

Rhonda Hughey – Director, Fusion Ministries, author of : “Desperate for His Presence”.


“This book is a remarkable treasure heralding a message that is sure to impact lives around the world.”

Gary Beaton – Founder, Transformation Glory Ministries.

“I would recommend this book to anyone who is hungry for that “more” of God that is so prevalent in the earth in this season.”

Ian Clayton – Founder, Son of Thunder Ministries. “Realms of the Kingdom”


“This beautiful book is perfectly timed to coincide with God’s move for us in 2015. Anyone who is crying out for much more of Jesus will be fed by reading this.”

“This book has opened my eyes to just who we are in Him. The truths which flow throughout its pages have inspired me to be so focused on Him in these last days as He prepares a Bride for Himself. Also I was touched deeply by the transparency of Liz the author, showing that intimacy with Him is the key to ruling and reigning with Him. I can’t put this book down and have purchased several copies for friends.”Dawn Buckett.

“In twenty one years of being a Christian I have not come across the revelation that is poured out and contained in this book. To find such revolutionary teaching and humility is extremely rare.” – Mark Davies.

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Recommended Additional Resources


“Translating God” – Shawn Bolz : Hearing God’s voice for yourself and the world around you.


1. Mike Bickle’s teaching on Song of Songs:

Links taken from Mike Bickle’s web-site, all free to play/download:

Page: mikebickle/org/resources/category/intimacy/song-of songs

Encountering Jesus in the Song of Solomon

12 Sessions – 2014

  • The Song of Songs

    24 Sessions – 2007

  • A 24-session, comprehensive, verse-by-verse teaching series

  • Do you long to know God? Do you want to understand how He sees you, how He feels about you, even in your weakness? Nothing empowers the human heart like the revelation of God’s affection for us…

A Summary of the Song: An Overview of the Storyline

April 18, 2003

2. Mike Bickle’s teaching on Bridegroom God:

Links taken from Mike Bickle’s web-site, all free to play/download:

Page: mikebickle/org/resources/category/intimacy/bridegroom-g0d/

Bridal Theology in the New Testament

9 Sessions – 2004

  • This teaching explores the biblical principle that Jesus is our Bridegroom God In this series, Mike describes the overwhelming love that Christ has for His Church, and how we can touch this aspect of God’s nature…

  • Jesus, Our Bridegroom God

    7 Sessions – 2011

  • Jesus, Our Magnificent Obsession Part 1

    12 Sessions – 2011

  • Onething 2011: Jesus, Our Magnificent Obsession

    7 Sessions – 2011

  • Mike’s sessions from the 2011 Onething conference in Kansas City

  • Studies in the Bride of Christ (2010)

    12 Sessions – 2010

  • A Biblical Overview from Genesis to Revelation

  • Mike Bickle systematically covers the subject of the Bride of Christ, starting in Genesis and working through the Scripture to Revelation In this 12-part series, Mike begins by outlining one of God’s ultimate purposes for creation: to prepare a Bride for Jesus as his eternal companion…

    The Bride of Christ (1996)

    20 Sessions – 1996

  • A Biblical Overview from Genesis to Revelation

  • Hosea prophesied that in the generation in which the Lord returns, the Body of Christ would call Jesus “My Husband ”In this dynamic series, we will understand our spiritual identity as Mike Bickle teaches on the truth that God is preparing a Bride for His Son, Jesus…

3. Books

* Madam Guyon

The Song of the Bride”

* James Maloney:

Ladies of Gold: “The Remarkable Ministry of the Golden Candlestick”

Volume One

Volume Two

Volume Three

* Brian & Candice Simmons

The Sacred Journey: God’s Relentless Pursuit of Our Affection


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