Liz’s life was forever changed by a physical visitation from Jesus Christ. This experience along with many other encounters over the last twenty years have created in her an insatiable hunger to live constantly connected to Gods Presence. When Liz speaks from this place she flows in a wisdom and revelation that has helped thousands of people around the world into this same experience.
Her greatest joy is to know God’s love and to help people from every walk of life become confident, powerful and whole as they experience His love for themselves and come to see the immense value of who they really are.
As the founder and Senior Director of The Bridal Company, Liz travels the world as an international speaker, author and spiritual advisor. When Liz is not traveling the globe, she can usually be found at home with her husband, daughter and dog in the beautiful English countryside.

Julie Brown has served in ministry for over 20 years. As a fourth generation Christian she was born again and set apart in the fire of the Holy Spirit’s ministry. Powerfully touched by the revivals in Argentina, Brownsville and Toronto, her passion is to cherish and pursue the Presence of God. Julie is called as a seer Prophet, to know the heart of the Lamb and to proclaim the truths He reveals.
As co-founder and Director of ‘The Bridal Company’, Julie serves alongside Liz Wright to instil within the Body of Christ an understanding of who we are as the Bride, made in the image of God, reigning with Him, releasing revelation and resources to inspire within God’s people the daily pursuit and personal experience of His Presence.
With over 20 years’ experience in prophetic intercession, Julie is also called as a strategist, receiving revelation for breakthrough in prayer, serving leaders and the Transformation movement at a national and international level.

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