image(9)Liz’s life was forever changed in January 1995 by a physical visitation from Jesus Christ.  This experience along with many other encounters throughout the last twenty years  have created in Liz an insatiable hunger to live constantly connected to His presence.

Liz  has been gifted as an oracle to speak from Jesus heart truths to set us free, to activate encounters and to release Heaven’s perspective. She lives to know Gods love and to help people from every walk of life become confident, powerful and whole as they experience His love for themselves and come to see the immense value of who they really are.  

Liz is the founder and senior director of The Bridal Company and in this capacity serves as a spiritual adviser, an author and speaks both nationally and internationally. Liz is the author of Ekklesia Rising, the sought after, ground-breaking publication that unlocks the mystery of our life’s calling to abide in Christ. She is currently writing Volume 2 in the series and is working on the development of media projects, all with the objective of helping people experience the Presence of Jesus and become all they were created to be.

In her advisory capacity, Liz works with leaders and organisations, helping to direct the development of strategic prayer to see established their respective visions and mandates. Liz’s mandate in this office is to see the Kingdom of God become the principal influence over each work and sphere of society. She is currently serving on a number of key projects within the financial  sector, the Church, the media sector with Wendy Alec, founder of God TV and Warboys Entertainment London, and the wellness / health sector with Drs Johnette and Ted Thatcher. 





JulieBioPicJulie is also a Co-Director of The Bridal Company and has been in ministry for 15 years, beginning in 1998 with a season in the USA working alongside Ed Silvoso and the Harvest Evangelism team, participating in city-reaching initiatives all around the world. The reality of experiencing the Kingdom of God being established at a city-wide level in so many different places led to Julie receiving a sovereign call to see England walking in her redeemed identity and destiny before God.

After moving back to England in 2002, Julie has pioneered for the nation in prayer, forming strategic relationships with others called to do the same. Both Julie and Liz were sovereignly ‘introduced’ at the Houses of Parliament in 2003, and have partnered together in prayer, prophetic intercession and breakthrough events for ministry and business leaders, spheres of influence and the nation ever since.

In April 2012, Julie received an impartation from Liz, a baton empowering her to walk as the Bride in England. This awesome entrustment brought even more confirmation that her call to the transformation and discipleship of the nation is to flow from a life of intimacy, walking with Jesus as His Bride. Her conviction is that transformation on every level flows from encountering and knowing Jesus personally. As we abide in Him, draw all we need from Him, ascend into the Heavenlies to be seated with Him, receiving His heart, perspective, authority and power, then we are able to bring His presence and His government as it is in Heaven, here on this earth. The Bride of Christ is called and equipped for such wonderful works as these, and Julie is passionate to see the Bride coming to know who she really is, to know Jesus in a wonderful way and to take up her royal position of authority, ministering the love of Jesus in and to this nation.



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